How to add pages to tikiwiki (Cached)


To add a new page to Wiki, all you have to do is come up with a meaningful title, capitalize all the words and StringThemTogetherLikeThis?. Wiki automagically recognizes it as a hyperlink. Alternatively, you can put anything into double brackets.

Then you can go ahead and ClickTheQuestionMark? at the end of your new hyperlink, and the Wiki will give you a window for making the new page.

If you wish to add external documents with complex markup to the Wiki, you might be better off providing a URL to it than trying to add the text of the document here, like so:

TikiWiki homepage: http://tikiwiki.org. Links to external pages can be surrounded by square brackets, then the link will be created automatically for you.

The Wiki does not support HTML tags (see TextFormattingRules ). They will just get deleted. Wiki is meant to be as simple as possible to encourage use.

Note that there is a feature that your system administrator can enable to allow embedded HTML, but there are security risks involved.

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